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Alana MacInnes is a prominent Scottish piper and traditional musician hailing from South Uist, an island in the Outer Hebrides. She has been playing the pipes since she was a young child and has since become a well-known performer and teacher in the traditional music scene.

Growing up in South Uist, Alana had a female idol and neighbor in Rona Lightfoot, who inspired her to pursue her passion for music. She began playing pipes at the age of seven and also plays the flute. Alana reflects on her journey with music, “I fell into playing pipes because I had a neighbor who played them and he taught me. I’ve had great teachers and opportunities with music, and they’ve done so much for me. It’s opened doors for traveling, and I’ve met many people from different places and situations due to music. I’ve had lots of laughs, as well as a couple of tears, thanks to the pipes.”

In addition to performing, Alana is also a talented writer and editor. She edited and wrote music for Young Uist Voices, a series that features recorded voice memos from young residents living and working across the islands between Eriskay and Berneray. She has also edited the stories on the great new Uist Beò website. Check it out here and read the many fabulous stories.

Alana’s musical expertise led to her appointment as the Flora Macdonald officer by Stòras Uibhist, where she organized various events to celebrate the Uist heroine’s 300th birthday.

One of Alana’s notable contributions to the traditional music scene is her band Beira, which brings together roaring Scottish tunes and stunning songs in Gaelic, Scots, and English. The band comprises Alana, Caitln McNeill from Colonsay on guitar and vocals, Shona Masson from Skye on fiddle and vocals, and Fiona Black from Ross-Shire on accordion. Beira is known for its mutual appreciation of Gaelic music and each member’s individual heritage. They play repertoire from the Highlands and Islands and continue to create music inspired by this area.

Alana’s music is recognized for its emotive quality, with a focus on the Scottish piping traditions of her homeland. Her contributions to the traditional music scene and her dedication to promoting and preserving Scottish culture make her an important figure in the music industry.

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